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Feb 5 2015

Retail is facing a monumental problem that no one seems to want to talk about. It’s that the entire economic model of revenue and profitability for retailers and the suppliers they do business with is collapsing under its own weight and soon will no longer function.

Jan 30 2015

You can now buy iPods, mouthwash, ice cream, even clean panties, with the swipe of a credit card and without ever having to exchange two words with a disgruntled store cashier. But the most fabulous of these inventions is making its mark on international airport terminals across the United States in the form of the Benefit Cosmetics Glam Up & Away! automated retail kiosks. These fancy pink machines, which are fashioned in the shape of a bus, have been popping up in airports all over the United States and are changing the way we approach shopping for our favorite prettifying products.

Dec 24 2014

The Huffington Posts rounded up the top moments that really made this year beautiful. Among the winners is the Essie Color Boutique.

Jul 28 2014

Let's face it: Airports are boring. Unless you're making the ever-so important decision on whether to get a cinnamon roll or a cheese-filled pretzel at 10pm, airports are at the bottom of the list of entertaining places. But Essie is about to change that for all of you beauty junkies out there.

Jul 25 2014

We've all been there: You're standing in front of a vending machine, trying to make the harrowing decision of what to buy, and suddenly, you think to yourself, "Man, I could really use a manicure right now." OK, so maybe this has never happened to you exactly, but now we can guarantee that it never will. Essie announced Thursday that they will be unveiling the Essie Color Boutique, a nail polish vending machine in airports and malls all over the country.

Jul 24 2014

As if we needed another excuse to feed our manicure addiction, Essie is making it easier than ever to stock up on your must-have lacquers with their latest genius innovation. Starting this month, the brand will roll out nail polish vending machines at airports and malls across the country! Each of Essie’s Color Boutiques will be stocked with a total of 42 shades from the permanent lineup, along with six seasonal colors that will rotate out every time a new collection launches.

Jul 24 2014

Retail is ripe for innovation, but are consumers really hungry for it? The latest Omnichannel Shopping Preferences study from A.T. Kearney seeks to answer that, but the findings may surprise the droves of brands making huge investments in digital commerce. 

The survey of 2,500 US shoppers found that physical retail stores play a crucial role in online purchasing habits, with 55 percent of shoppers preferring to use both physical stores and online retail throughout the shopping journey. 

Jun 18 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZoomSystems, the global leader in automated retail, has launched a self-service razor cartridge defensive merchandising solution in Albertsons stores located in Southern California. Installed in May, RazorZone automated retail machines offer retailers the world's first defensive merchandising solution that eliminates consumer shrink while increasing sales and enhancing the consumer experience.

Jun 11 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZoomSystems, the global leader in automated retail, will be unveiling its ZoomShop V1 machine this week at FMI Connect, the annual Food Management Institute show, to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, June 11-13. Attendees will get a hands-on opportunity to experience this technology, proven to increase sales, enhance the consumer experience and eliminate consumer theft.

May 22 2014

Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz, co-founders and co-CEOs of 3FLOZ, discuss how the company's pre-packaged products can make airline travel much smoother with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock". (Source: Bloomberg)