What services does ZoomSystems offer?

In addition to our SMART technology platform, ZoomSystems also offers a full range of value-add services, including; account management, creative development and aesthetics design, graphical user interface development, location procurement services, machine logistics and supply chain management, network monitoring and 24/7technical support, reporting and analytics, and call center support for shoppers.

Can a ZoomShop stay open 24/7

Yes, if a power source is available, ZoomShops can dispense products at any time.

Are ZoomShops networked?

Yes, each location is connected in real time through our SMART platform. We perform remote monitoring, software updates and real-time reporting on a consistent basis.

Does ZoomSystems develop their own software technology?

Yes, the best-in-class ZoomShop software was created by the in-house engineering team at ZoomSystems. Based on Java, we are constantly updating our software to optimize and improve ZoomShops.

What is the size of a typical Zoomshop?

ZoomShops vary in size from 81”h x 24”w x 18”d to approximately 78”h x 81”w x 40”d. ZoomShops are certified for use in the U.S., Canada, and the E.U.

Can a ZoomShop be custom branded?

Yes, ZoomShops are custom branded to incorporate the look and feel of each partner. The branded areas on a ZoomShop include the external aesthetics, UI design, demo videos, and digital signage.

How does a ZoomShop get restocked?

ZoomSystems has a field merchandising team responsible for ensuring each ZoomShop is continuously stocked with optimal inventory. If you already have merchandisers in place, we can work with them directly.

Can a ZoomShop be franchised?

No, currently ZoomShops are operated as a joint venture between ZoomSystems and our partners.

Where can ZoomShops be located?

ZoomShops offer an amazing amount of flexibility. We can place ZoomShops within an existing retail store to help manage challenging categories or we can tap into our location relationships at top airports, malls, resorts and more to create a mix of channel opportunities. Our location procurement team will help you determine and secure optimal locations for your brand.

How do I get started?

The typical initial deployment includes 15-25 ZoomShop locations. Please contact us for more information.

What is a ZoomShop?

ZoomShops are custom-branded automated, self-service retail stores that combine the convenience of online shopping with the immediate gratification of traditional retail. ZoomShops are powered by best-in-class software technology, a full complement of services, and an experienced retail team.

Can I get cash from the ZoomShop?

No, the ZoomShop does not dispense cash.

What does it mean if I received the message “Unable to Contact the Bank” while trying to make a purchase?

This message indicates an issue with intermittent Internet connectivity, preventing the ZoomShop from reaching the bank for verification and approval. This may be due to cellular network traffic or outage. Please try again at a later time

What does it mean if I received the message “Unable to Authorize” while trying to make a purchase?

This message indicates that the ZoomShop did not receive verification and approval with the financial institution.

I am seeing a charge on my account for a product I didn’t receive.

Please wait 3-5 business days for pending authorizations to fall off. If after that time you are seeing a posted charge, please contact us again.

I swiped my card but then decided I didn’t want to purchase anything. Will I be charged?

The card reader is only active when the “Swipe your Card” message is showing on the screen. It is not active at other times and did not read you card information. You will not be charged if you swipe your card on any other screen.

I did not get my product, but my credit card statement shows pending charges.

Our machines have a detection system in place and are aware that you didn’t get the item. Those pending charges will disappear in a few days from your statement and you will not be charged.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

Please send an email to customerservice@zoomsystems.com with the following:

  • Date of purchase (or date range)
  • Last four digits and name listed on the card number used
  • Email address to which you would like your receipt emailed      

We will send you a copy of your receipt within 24 hours.  (Please check your SPAM or junk mail folders if you have not received it.)

How do I return an item?

Return policies vary by brand.  Please see the bottom of your receipt for complete details. Review return policies here.

Looking to return an item purchased from a ZoomShop? Visit for shoppers.