ZoomSystems is the leading provider of an end-to-end automated retail solution including integrated hardware, software and managed services.

Software Platform

Our end-to-end approach to automated retail includes leading technology, remote monitoring, real-time connectivity, and detailed reporting. Each ZoomShop, running eStation software, is networked to our Self-Managed Automated Retail Technology platform (SMART), ensuring a turnkey experience that is reliable for clients and engaging for shoppers.

eStation: Enhanced POS

Our smart technology puts over a decade worth of learning at your fingertips. The eStation point of sales system offers e-commerce navigation, payment support, complete tax infrastructure, promotions execution, and an intuitive, cart-based checkout.


  • Increase basket size with coupon codes, upsells/cross-sells, tiered pricing, and promotions
  • PCI certified credit and debit payment support
  • Security features include account access control management, real-time alerts, and watchdog capabilities to detect and address incorrect behavior in the field
  • Inventory monitoring tracks product movement in real time and manages replenishment actions

SMART: Remote Merchandising

ZoomShops around the world are powered by SMART, a centralized remote management and merchandising system. The SMART platform manages all the content of your ZoomShop, from product catalog to consumer presentations, pricing, and promotions in real time and manages in-stocks and product availability performance of the network to ensure a great consumer experience every time. The convenient merchant interface enables you to seamlessly integrate the ZoomShop channel into your current system.


  • Every touch and transaction at your ZoomShop is uploaded to SMART for monitoring and reporting, including sales, dashboards, inventory, and survey reports
  • All events and data are analyzed for patterns throughout the day to maximize uptime of each ZoomShop
  • Manage merchandising data such as planograms, product attributes, pricing, tax rates, and ZoomShop hardware configurations

Managed Services

Our comprehensive suite of services is managed by the most experienced support team in automated retail. From securing hard-to-get locations to ensuring inventory deliveries, replenishing inventory, and handling customer service calls, ZoomSystems is an indispensable partner in your company’s retail strategy.
  • Account Management

    Let our resources work for you. ZoomSystems has a fully dedicated project team assigned to each new partner project. They will manage the many details of your retail solutions, including planogram development, merchandising, installation, maintenance, inventory optimization, and sales reporting—including quarterly business reviews.
  • Aesthetics Development

    Providing consumers with a visually appealing, relevant brand experience is critical. Our aesthetics design team works closely with your marketing and sales team to ensure a custom-branded solution that attracts and inspires shoppers..
  • Graphical User Interface Development

    We develop customized user interface designs that close the sale. Informed by over ten years of experience and analysis, these streamlined, intuitive touchscreen displays enhance the overall customer experience and increase basket size.
  • Location Procurement Services

    Leveraging our long-standing, established relationships with major developers, airports, malls, military bases, and resorts, we help clients find and secure unique new channels around the world that deliver significant ROI and meet consumers where they’re at.
  • Machine Logistics

    Our project services team will ensure that your ZoomShop is moved safely and timely to the location where it will be installed and operated.
  • Supply Chain Management

    We deliver analysis, forecasting and tracking to help you make decisions that optimize your sales and inventory. Our merchandisers ensure products make it to the shelves efficiently while minimizing out of stocks, providing replenishment, warehousing, forecasting, and pick, pack, and ship services..
  • Network Monitoring & Tech Support

    Every touch and transaction at your ZoomShop is uploaded to eCenter for monitoring and reporting. Events and data are analyzed throughout the day for patterns that indicate an error or potential problem, and services can be automatically dispatched.
  • Reporting and Analytics

    We’ll help you put the appropriate action plans in place, delivering real time analysis, forecasting, and tracking via our SMART technology to help you make decisions that optimize your sales and inventory.