Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics, a San Francisco-based beauty company, was looking to reach more customers and extend its multi-channel retail strategy by providing an authentic brand message along with Benefit’s best-selling makeup and skincare products.

“Glam Up & Away!”

Known for fast and fabulous beauty solutions, Benefit Cosmetics offers 30 of its best-selling products and instant beauty solutions in each highly visible and convenient Glam Up & Away kiosk.

Customer Experience

ZoomSystems teamed with Benefit Cosmetics to deliver interactive, branded kiosks, giving travelers instant access to beauty solutions in major airports. “It’s wow on wheels!” said Julie Bell, Benefit Cosmetics EVP Global Marketing. “What a sexy, fun and innovative way to introduce Benefit’s witty and playful personality to the hundreds of millions of travelers who fly every year.”

Retail Results

The interactive, standalone, unattended automated beauty retail kiosks deliver highly visible, highly valuable retail in a new channel for the brand. Kiosks have been installed in major airports, including New York (JFK), Houston (IAH), Las Vegas (LAS), Austin (AUS), Cleveland (CLE), and Savannah (SAV), with more to launch soon. High-traffic airports are the next beauty battleground for prestige cosmetics brands—Benefit is grabbing first-mover advantage.

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