Macy’s has continuously expanded their brand as a premiere shopping and lifestyle destination. Over time it became increasingly obvious to the national retailer that their customers were looking to them for high caliber, in-demand electronic products. Shoppers wanted one-stop, no-fuss shopping.

Macy's e-Spot

On the heels of a successful two-year pilot of personal electronic automated retail shops with ZoomSystems, Macy’s rolled out the e-Spot concept to more than half of its full-line department stores around the country. The e-Spot automated shops offer the latest consumer electronics at a customer’s fingertips with touchscreen technology that processes the transaction and completes the sale in a matter of minutes. The machines offer widely demanded brands, including Apple, Beats, Skullcandy, and iHome. Products range from $24.99 to $599.99.

Customer Experience

Providing instant gratification and faster than online purchasing, e-Spot automated shops complete a transaction in less than two minutes. The machines also have extensive product information and comparisons that allow customers with less-than-certain needs to be as thorough as necessary to feel comfortable. Customers tell Macy’s that they love the no-pressure environment e-Spot provides. They can get product information easily, without waiting for someone with a key to unlock a cabinet or get the product from a back room. In today's shopping environment, this level of ease and instant satisfaction is critical. 

Retail Results

The e-Spot enables Macy’s to offer this difficult category of merchandise to their shoppers in a small footprint and with low overhead. 

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