Proactiv Solution ZoomShops offer a quick and convenient way for consumers to purchase America’s #1 Acne Treatment. Automated retail brings Proactiv to the locations where consumers shop­--and at a substantially lower cost to distributors than the traditional manned kiosk.

Proactiv ZoomShop

Proactiv’s goal is to maintain the exclusive nature of the brand (i.e., not offered on shelf in any store), while simultaneously providing convenient access to their loyal customers. The Proactiv ZoomShop was developed to create this retail presence for a brand that was previously mainly direct response. Products ranging from the Proactiv Solution 3-Step System to essentials and body care are currently available from a growing network of nearly 600 Proactiv Solution ZoomShops in malls and airports across the U.S., Canada, and Japan. 

Customer Experience

By selling through automated retail, the Proactiv brand is correctly and consistently represented across the entire Proactiv network. Customers are extremely satisfied with the improved access to the product they love.

Retail Results

North American Kiosk (NAK) is the licensed distributor for the Proactiv brand in North America and had previously only sold Proactiv through manned kiosks in malls throughout the United States and Canada. By partnering with ZoomSystems, NAK was able to complement their manned kiosks with automated retail stores (in some cases replacing their manned carts), significantly lowering their labor costs while maintaining and even increasing sales. Customers return to their local Proactiv ZoomShop again and again, resulting in an impressive 40% conversion rate among shoppers.

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